Wellness for Urban Well Beings

And that’s why we created Nature State. To help people live healthy, happy urban lives by bringing the great Australian outdoors, indoors.

They call Australia the ‘lucky country’. And we’ve certainly been blessed by Mother Nature.

From the rainforest to the reef, and from beach to bush; our air is clean, our sky is big and blue. And what lies underneath it all, is an incredible treasure trove of active natural ingredients.

Being surrounded by nature feels good. And more than that, it does good, by helping to enhance your physical and mental health.

But for urban dwellers, finding moments to escape the hustle and bustle of city living and reconnect with nature can be difficult.

We have roamed this beautiful land of ours, taking inspiration from what we see, smell, touch, taste and feel to create products designed to promote self-care and preventative health.

Where there is chaos, we aim to bring calm. Where there is stress we aim to bring peace. And where there is fatigue, we aim to bring energy.

Because regardless of where we live, we all deserve to be well beings